Monday, January 27, 2014

This week's news: website updates!

I've gotten around to tweaking my website (  I've added some new works and some more links (Instagram and Etsy).  A few screenshots:
The homepage
The links page (called "[inter]connect")

My instagram page - studio shots, works in progress and the usual IG silliness

Most significantly, I've added a phone-optimized version of the site!  Now, the site should be easier to view on smartphones.  It's not perfect, but a start.  More tweaks will be coming soon.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January painting

Hi folks! While hibernation has been a temptation lately, what with all the subzero weather hereabouts, instead I've been hitting the easel.  Here is the first painting of the new year, appropriately a "Winter landscape."  This landscape doesn't specifically reference any particular locale, but draws upon memories of my many visits to the Hudson Highlands, the Catskills and other wooded vistas.  So, I hope it expresses a feeling of place without specification.
This piece is 20 inches high by 24 inches wide. A little break from the square practice I'm in the midst of.  I was previously in the habit of inserting the pics directly from flickr here, but it seems they've jacked--um, I mean changed--how the pictures insert, so that seems less elegant now.  If you'd like to see this a little more clearly on flickr here's the link.

I have also finally put up the definitive photograph of last month's painting, Paysage plan├ętaire (Colden), shown below and also on flickr.
 More is in the works!  If you've read this far, then you'll be interested in my Instagram feed: I tend to post a lot of shots of works in progress and other studio pics (as well as the usual IG silliness).  Check it out!