Sunday, September 09, 2012

GoBrooklyn Art, the post-mortem (sort of)

20120909_056 Whew! The GoBrooklyn studio tour event organized by the Brooklyn Museum is now over, at least as far as the actual tour goes.  As I write this I am in a state of more or less satisfied exhaustion.  We had visitors and also excitement this weekend.

To start with, the weather yesterday was crazy! Not one, but two tornadoes touched down in Brooklyn.  For those of you checking this out from far away: this is not a normal thing here. Despite that and the heavy rain and the crazy oppressive humidity, a lot of people came out to see art in our neck of the woods.  So I was impressed with the interest generated.

Note to the organizers for next time (if there is a next time): 11am?  Are you crazy? That is way too early to start this.  No one comes to see art much before 1 or 2, in my experience.

The weather was much nicer today (epic skies caught by many clever photographers and instagrammers), and many folks came out.

I was quite surprised to find that the Gowanus neighborhood (feels kind of funny to call the Gowanus a 'neighborhood') appeared to have the most check-ins, by far, of any neighborhood in Brooklyn.  The organizers seem to have taken down the running stats for the moment, but when last I checked, Gowanus was first (by a lot), Red Hook second, Bushwick and Sunset Park were vying for third and Greenpoint was fifth.   Surprising because everyone I talked to expected Bushwick to get all the attention.  And where was Williamsburg in all this?  Are there no longer active emerging artist types with studios in Williamsburg? Perhaps not.

Of course the numbers I'm mentioning are check-ins, not votes for artists.  The event is not quite over, because once the check-in dust settles, registered voters will have the opportunity to "nominate" (i.e., vote) for up to three artists.  The winners (can we call them "winners?") will have the opportunity to be in a group show at the Museum.  It all seems kind of convoluted and confusing.  Some enterprising diva will probably still figure out how to game this ... The voting won't happen until this Wednesday. 

I also registered to vote and had the opportunity check in with most of my Brooklyn Art Space studio mates, as well as some of the nearby buildings.  Quite a lot of interesting stuff out there.  Can't say, as of yet, who I might vote for (besides myself, of course!).

Here are few photos (from my flickr page) of my studio during the tour: 20120909_052 20120908_044 20120908_043 20120904_027 We're going to do it all over again in October, with the Gowanus Studio Tour! (I'm getting tired just thinking about it.) October 13-14. See you then.

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