Thursday, June 07, 2012

Upcoming events and other news ...

I've gotten a little bogged down (quite literally, for a moment) with a variety of projects, events and chores, so the Sketchbook Project posting has been delayed.  Since my last post, I've learned that my sketchbook has been cataloged and can be found with call number 174.13-4 at the Brooklyn Art Library.  So, when you're in Billy-burg, check it out!

Soon, I'll post more images from Spell; in the meantime, there are some upcoming events to keep in mind (Yes, these are way far away, and yes, I'll remind you about them).

The annual Gowanus Open Studios tour dates have been announced! They are October 13 and 14, 12 to 6pm on both days.  I plan to participate, and if all goes as planned, it will be my sixth year in the tour.

Before that, in September, there is a cool project being organized by the Brooklyn Museum: "GO: a community-curated open studio project." The dates for the open studio event are September 8 and 9.  Go to the link to find out more and learn how you can get involved as either an artist or as a community curator.  I plan to participate as an artist.

And the final bit of news, more current: Last night I attended a get-together for Artsicle artists at Gallery Bar (120 Orchard St., Manhattan).  Artsicle has an exhibit up at the bar, Anywhere but here.  It's up until June 14. Check it out!  And, of course, you can find a selection of my work on Artsicle as well!

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