Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Adminis-trivia, and some Gowanus links

So by now everyone hopefully knows about our upcoming studio tour: the Gowanus Studio Tours (formerly known as "AGAST", but I guess they're trying to quietly ditch that moniker): October 15 and 16. In preparation for that, I've revamped how I do my mailing list. Now I'm using Mailchimp.

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Of course, you can also follow this blog, or follow me on twitter: @ZephyrusNYC.

And now for some Gowanus Studio Tour links:
The tour organizers have a twitter feed: follow them @AGASTBROOKLYN (yes, it's all caps, although I don't know that it matters for search purposes).

Last night we had our kickoff party at Sheep Station on 4th Avenue, and got our hands on the print map; you should start seeing these around the 'hood now. If you can't seem to find one, contact me and I'll figure out a way to get one to you (carrier pigeon or owl, perhaps??)

A nice feature of the print map is a large minimalist graphic map of the Gowanus area with some cool historical trivia:

In 1636, Gowanus Bay (at the mouth of the canal) was the site of the first settlement by the Dutch in what is now Brooklyn. and the Carroll Street bridge (built in 1889) is the oldest remaining retractable drawbridge in the country!

There is also a handy google map with all the tour locations on it! Brooklyn Artists Gym will be an info hub for the event! Woot!

A Gowanus studio tour flickr account has also been set up. See some cool art there!

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