Monday, May 16, 2011

Adventures in Printmaking, and an upcoming event

Recently, I've been delving into various printmaking techniques. I've been experimenting with drypoint, etching, and relief printing -- both linocut and woodcut -- and will continue to explore this vein of work in the coming months. Here are some examples of what I've been up to so far:

Genius Loci (PR20110202-1)
This piece (above), titled "Genius loci" is a drypoint. Drypoint is an intaglio technique in which a sharp steel needle, diamond point or other hard stone tool is used to scratch an image directly onto the surface of the plate. No acids or anything like that needed (hence "dry" point; acid would be "wet"). Traditionally, copper and zinc plates are used, but this piece (and the second drypoint below, were drawn on styrene plates).

Untitled (PR20110216-1)
This untitled piece above is an example of a copper etching. A copper plate is coated with a special waxy ground, and then lines are drawn on the ground, revealing the copper underneath. Then, the plate is dipped in an acid bath. The acid reacts with the exposed copper creating grooves. The ground is then removed, and then through the press it goes!

"Forest 1" (PR20110302-1)
Then we have woodcut, a form of "relief" printing. And here (above) we have something even more magical -- a reduction woodcut. The image above, titled "Forest 1" (or more elaborately, "The wood speaks of home") was made with three separate impressions. All three impressions were made from the same plate, as I carved more wood out. So there was no turning back!

Here is the final state of the plate, printed alone.

Lady Slipper
This recently completed piece is a linocut done in one impression. Expect to see more relief printing from me in the near future!

Once we lived here (PR201126-1)
This last piece, a drypoint printing titled "Once, we lived here" will appear in Brooklyn Artists Gym's 50/50 Fundraising event, Saturday, June 18. Be sure to order your tickets for the event and come see all of the wonderful art at BAG! I'll also be on hand to show folks around my studio filled with my latest work. The web is great, but all of this art looks so much better in person!

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