Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Home ... is where the heart is

The other day I announced that my painting Near Black Ash Mountain will be appearing in a group exhibition at Brooklyn Artists Gym titled "Where the Heart is." The theme of the show is "home." I thought I'd share with you, dear readers, the obligatory artist's statement I generated for my submission to the open call. The concept of home, as I'm envisioning it in my painting and statement is something very dear to me. So here it is:

“Meet the ancestral teachers, be familiar with their instruction, bind grasses to build a hut, and don't give up.” To be a citizen of the world is to recognize one home, one heart and, in fact, one body. My work explores and celebrates that singular, spectacular home we call Earth, and in particular those insentient lifeforms with which we intermingle, interdepend and reflect. Welcome home.

The quote I open with is from a famous Chinese Zen poem, "Song of the Grass Roof Hermitage," by Shitou Xiqian, who lived in the 8th century of our common era. The poem is about many things, certainly, but one thing it is about for me is living in peace and harmony with all one's surroundings.

It goes almost without saying (almost) that this precious planet I call home is in constant and continued peril. That's something to think about as we hurl through space swiftly toward spring, which should always be a time of hope.

So, stop by and see the painting, and ask yourself, 'where is my home? where is my heart?'

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