Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holiday greeting cards on Etsy, part 1

So the Brooklyn elves have been busy. If you stopped by my studio during the studio tour back in October, you saw that I have created some new holiday greeting cards to join the ones created over the past couple of years.

The first features an excellent reproduction of my original painting, Res botanica #3(Aquifoliaceae). I call this card "Happy Holly-days." You may be wondering what a 'Res botanica' is, or what the heck 'Aquifoliaceae' means. Well, I'm not entirely sure the artist should offer too much by way of explanation -- so much of the art is in the perception and interpretation of the viewer -- but let's just say that a 'res botanica' is a botanical 'thing,' and Aquifoliaceae is the family to which the American Holly tree belongs.

I fondly remember the giant (it was really, really big, especially when I was a small boy) Holly tree that dominated my grandparents' backyard. Every year we would collect clippings from the tree for Christmas decorations

There is a rich folklore tradition associated with the Holly, detailed at this interesting website: . Among other things, Holly branches were thought to protect the home from malevolent spirits and witches and even lightning! It was considered bad luck to cut down a holly tree, although taking trimmings was encouraged.

Check out the greeting card at my Etsy Store. I'll be offering the original painting soon. Stay tuned!

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