Monday, March 29, 2010

Recently completed work continues Calamus theme

A20100323 - "Calamus II"

I've been jamming on Walt Whitman lately and completed another painting inspired by his Calamus poems. This one's titled Long I thought that knowledge alone would suffice me ... ( or simply Calamus II) . The phrase is taken from the "Calamus 8" poem that appeared in Whitman's Third Edition of Leaves of Grass (1860). Another obvious inspiration for this painting is the anticipation of spring, which, while officially, calendrically here, remains just beyond our grasp. At least in New York.

My first Calamus painting will be appearing at the Hudson Guild, opening April 15. More about that very soon!

I've been tweeting some interesting observations on Calamus today, which may find their way, in aggregate, into an upcoming blog post.

Happy Monday everyone.

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