Friday, October 09, 2009

In Memoriam: John Daido Loori, 1931-2009

John Daido Loori, roshi, founder and abbot of Zen Mountain Monastery in Mt. Tremper New York passed away this morning. He was a great artist, teacher and environmentalist, and will be greatly missed. Here is the official announcement of his passing:

Dear Friends,

It is with sadness that we are letting you know of Daido Roshi's having passed away this morning, Friday, October 9th, at the abbacy of Zen Mountain Monastery. He died peacefully from complications of lung cancer diagnosed eighteen months ago. We will keep you informed of the upcoming schedule of the funeral ceremonies. Also, please see our web site for more information.

Thank you for all your thoughts and messages.

Be well

Ryushin Sensei

Zen Mountain Monastery

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