Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! and a Quote

Everything comes and goes
Pleasure moves on too early
And trouble leaves too slow
Just when you're thinking
You've finally got it made
Bad news comes knocking
At your garden gate
Knocking for you
Constant stranger
You're a brute you're an angel
You can crawl you can fly too
It's down to you
It all comes down to you
---from "Down to You," by Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell is an absolute goddess in my book, and if you haven't checked out her wonderful, official website,, you really must.

Listening to this song today, I was struck about how the lines "Pleasure moves on too early/And trouble leaves too slow" seem almost an exact paraphrase of these lines from Dogen's "Genjokoan":

Yet in attachment blossoms fall, and in aversion weeds spread.

I hope everyone has a peaceful and happy thanksgiving day.


Uku said...

Oh, so lovely to read Dogen's and Joni Mitchell's writings in a same post! :)

I just love Joni Mitchell's music. Absolutely great.

Thank you for this post!

With palms together,

John Azelvandre said...

Thanks Uku! I'm glad you liked!