Monday, June 30, 2008

A little Summer Art News

Obviously, I haven't been putting a lot of effort into writing on this blog lately. So, you may wonder, what have I been up to?

Art, of course! And, I am now pleased to announce a little show I have up in Brooklyn at Dizzy's Restaurant in Park Slope. As I more extensively explain on my website's news blog, Lifeforms is inspired by the following thoughts:
The time is long past due for us to begin treating fossil hydrocarbons and their derivatives as precious materials, easily on par with gold and diamonds, amber and pearls. This photosynthetic labor of countless living beings -- stellar energies stored up into the very marrow of these living bodies -- is all too commonly burnt up or refashioned into cheap, tawdry, "disposable" items . . .
Read more about the show at, and if you're in the neighborhood stop by for some fine food and cool art!

By the way: I found BlackoutSabbath to be wonderfully successful adventure in doing absolutely nothing (although I did get the fridge defrosted in the bargain). I hope you did too.

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