Sunday, July 01, 2007

At long last, Hominy Grits is Back!

If you were previously in the habit of checking out this little corner of cyberspace, you probably noticed that Hominy Grits (the blog, not the foodstuff) was under lock and key for the past several months.

Nevermind just why. Thankfully, the interfering issue was resolved, and in reviewing all the past posts I've written, I just couldn't bear to keep this wonderful little experiment away from the public gaze any longer.

So, it's back; will it be bigger and better than ever? Hard to say. I've got about a zillion projects in the works, it seems (excuse the hyperbole, if you will). But I certainly have a few good posts in mind, and fully intend to carve out some time for them.

One of my other projects is yet another blog I've created(!), called Zephyrus Unchained. This is in its infancy, but I envision it as more of a "hard-core" yet "free-style" philosophy blog. It's first assignment will be a thorough-going exegesis of Alfred North Whitehead's Process and Reality.

Yes, I know, I think big. Perhaps too big.

You can read the couple of introductory articles there. Hopefully I'll kick off the actual study of PR soon.

Of course, visual art is of supreme importance, and deserves the lion's share of my time. If you visit my flickr site (see the groovy visual on the sidebar), you'll see I've been working away at it. I've got some big projects I want to start and/or finish. Expect to hear more about those here as well.

As always, feedback is appreciated. I hope you're all well; sorry to be gone so long.

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