Friday, November 24, 2006

Street beat - post-Thanksgiving musings

I hope everyone had a fabulous turkey-day. Mine was quiet, spent mostly indoors avoiding the nasty nor'easter that descended upon Gotham. I did venture out at some point in search of spirits -- the alcoholic kind -- and felt fortunate to find a liquor store open.

In general, however, the grand and hip avenue that I inhabit was virtually deserted, with hardly any establishment open for business. It was gratifying to find that there is still a holiday in this country that hasn't been totally commandeered by crass consumerism.

We really do have a lot to be grateful for in this nation (even a pinko commie liberal like me can admit it), and it pleases me to think that maybe my fellow Americans will put down their PL3s, WSJs and what not for just one day to spend with family and friends. (Nevermind all the ads on TV.)

Today: back to the money-making excess. Black Friday, they call it. So far, I'm hiding out at home. But I'll have to venture out sooner or later.

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