Saturday, April 29, 2006

Spring cleaning

Wow. My little corner of the globe is enjoying near-Edenic weather today. (Question to ponder: do globes have corners?) Why on Earth am I inside at the computer?

Unfortunately, I need to do a little spring cleaning on this forlorn little blog. Through the course of my winter hibernations, some of the blog links have gone stale. Here's the update:

I was sad to see that Matthew over at greenideas decided to close up shop last October (!), and even sadder to learn that WetAss closed its virtual doors in February (say it isn't so!). So I'll have to remove them from my links list. Some other sites have either disappeared or seem to have sufficiently changed direction that they don't really fit anymore.

All this has made me ponder the art, craft, business and, well, I guess sheer drudgery of blogging. Yes, sometimes it feels too much like work. As I already have a job (that actually pays), I don't want my blog to turn into a job. (One fact you must know: John does not like work.)

Matthew (greenideas) and Tim Zimmermann (wetass) put a LOT of work into their blogs, and I guess they eventually burned out. It's pretty hard to actually generate a large readership. So my approach is to keep it light and keep it casual. For a long time I've had a rule about journalling (the old-fashioned diary sort of thing); namely, that there are no rules. I write when I want and what I want.

Now, that's not exactly a strategy for marketing a blog to a public. But it at least insures that hominy grits will be around for awhile (although no guarantees that there will be anything new to read -- sorry folks).

I will try to stick to art, spirit and science, broadly (very broadly) construed, but otherwise what to expect is anyone's guess.

I'll try to find some new cool blogs to link to. Let's say a belated farewell to greenideas and wetass. I'll miss them.

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