Saturday, April 22, 2006

Do you strongly dislike the current regime--er, administration?

If you're among the more, uh (how can I put this delicately), the more intellectually nuanced half of America, you have no love for our so-called Executive Branch's current administration. I know, I know, after that dismal electoral event of 2004, I said Hominy Grits would be more political. I haven't really delivered on that, and truth be it told, I probably won't deliver on it in a big way anytime soon -- most of the time politics bores me.

So, all the more reason to check out those other bloggers who make their business to keep a close eye on the bushies.

A new Blog called Empires Fall is doing just that, and the author has politely asked me for a link. I've looked his site over and it looks legit, with lots of liberal links of interest (I was particularly amused by "Naked Politics," but I'll warn you, not for the underage, or prudish).

So, I'll give more than a link and give a "plug" as well. We'll see how it comes along.

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