Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Long Nap

In true bearish fashion, I've been napping, in a figurative sort of way, through these dreary winter months. Dreary indeed, because one can't even call it truly winter! Bah.

But I was awakened from my dogmatic slumbers (how many times can I steal that line?) by inquiries about the other "Gabyo" paintings, one of which I posted in November.

In response to the curious, I post the other four now. All acrylic on panel, approximately 6" by 8." I felt that Gabyo 2, previously posted was the best by far. I still think so, but time and distance has a strange way of adding a little luster to the other four. Enjoy!

Gabyo 1

Gabyo 3

Gabyo 4

Gabyo 5

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