Friday, August 19, 2005

News from the Front: Spam Wars

Thank God it is Friday! And, thankfully, my last day to be bored to tears at the Large Unnamed Wall Street Law Firm, LLP.

In order to idle away these final hours, I've been perusing the Blogger blogs, via the little "Next Blog" button on the navigation thingy.

Hopefully, everyone has gotten the word about Blogger's new "flagging" feature: Viewers can now flag "objectionable" blogs. I've been giving the flag button a real workout today. In the past 40 minutes, I looked at maybe 50 blogs. I would say that about 35 to 40 of them were spam. That many!

Flagging these is more mindless than Space Invaders.

I hope it works. Everyone, please go flag a couple dozen spam blogs today as your service to the blogging community. The more flags these jokers get, the sooner they'll be out of business. Unfortunately, there will probably be another several thousand spam blogs ready to pollute the blogwaves again tomorrow.

Blogger needs to come up with a better approach ...

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John said...

Spam update:
Blogger has instituted some improvements they say will make headway against the spam blogs. I hope so. Also, I've turned on "word verification," which requires commenters to type in a pictured series of letters to authenticate that they are real live human beings. I hope it works. I don't like comment spam.