Friday, July 08, 2005

Weather Report

(Late Friday, July 8, from somewhere deep in the bowels of corporate New York) -- I've been stuck indoors most of the day (and night), and it's been a good thing.  The weather hereabouts has been frightful. The remnants of tropical storm Cindy brought us rain and cool temperatures.  I went out at around 1 p.m. local time, only to be driven back into hiding by the gale (Ok, so I exaggerate a little, but it was yucky, and I only had a polo shirt and umbrella to protect me).

The law office isolation has afforded me some time to play around with some blogger features I haven't heretofor found a use for.  I'm writing this post as an e-mail, and I've set up a new photo-blog using the Go Blogger utility.  I want to be prepared in case I need to document some event in the same manner that Londoners so intrepidly camera-phoned breaking news yesterday.

The weather is supposed to clear, and get hot by Sunday.  I hope so.  Expect to see me at the beach.

And fear not, more art is on its way!

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