Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Site news

I've been steadily working in recent weeks to chart the future course of this homely little blog. I must have changed the masthead half a dozen times, but now I think I've settled upon something simple and direct that points to what I really want to do here.

Art. Spirit. Science. As I continue my art practice, I'll post results and inspirations here. Spirit will mostly consist of thoughts and observations on the practice of Zen Buddhism. Science covers the gamut, but especially the devotions of a naturalist.

Having established these three main topic areas, I find myself wishing Blogger supported categories, like some of the fancier weblogging apps. Alas, it doesn't, and as I don't wish to abandon Blogger just yet, I'll try to make do with Technorati tags for the time being.

I've also been exploring the world of RSS/Atom feeds and "news aggregators." In particular, I've been looking at two such products, Feedster and Bloglines. They both have their merits, and I'm linking to both. Check them out!

Feedster has the potential to be really cool, but there seem to be some technical issues. At least for me. Also, it's kind of ugly. I haven't really gotten the point of their 'feedpapers,' either. Hopefully I will soon.

Bloglines looks great, and is mostly very functional, except it seems to have trouble updating this blog's feed, which annoys me greatly.

I've also created a bloglines blogroll and a bloglines blog.

This seems to be the experimental edge of distributing web content right now. It's fascinating to watch it unfold.

And what about food? I realize that probably nine-tenths of the visitors to this site are hungry cyber-souls looking for some down-home cooking. Fear not! I'm maintaining my links to the real McCoy in the sidebar, under "Even more hominy grits."

In answer to those who may question that a blog mainly about the arts, Buddhism and the natural sciences should be called 'hominy grits,' allow me to paraphrase an ancient Zen Master:
Realizing buddha-nature is just eating hominy grits;
Eating hominy grits is just realizing buddha-nature.
I flatter myself that Master Dogen would approve.

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