Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Today's words: a bonanza of bon mots

Ah, summertime. The diamond mine is on hiatus, and yours truly has taken on some extra work, namely legal word-processing temping.

I'm already bored to tears. Last night we had an inauspicious start at Very-large-and-bureaucratic-lawfirm LLP, when I had to wait two and a half hours for IT to re-activate my log in!

These (not so) new adventures bring me to the words for today:

"pilcro" -- noun. I cannot find this word in Merriam-Webster. I tried pilcro and pillcro, even pilkro (highly unlikely) but it remains fugitive. Who knows where it came from. In word-processing land, this refers to the little backwards-P paragraph mark so ubiquitous and all-important in MS-Word.

(I did find "pilchard," however -- a "fish of the herring family resembling herring and occurring in great schools along the coasts of Europe.")

My second word is, logically --

"ennui" -- noun, from the French -- "a feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction: BOREDOM."

My long wait for a log-in did provide a space for some doodling, which I graciously post here:

I especially like the "dragon-duck" I concocted.

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