Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Of diamond mines and creative endeavors

Today the diamond mine official closed for the summer. We conducted our graduation rehearsals yesterday in record heat, and feared the worst for today. But as luck would have it, an overcast sky and cool breezes spared all the inmates and visitors from almost certain heat exhaustion.

Now, I'm summer-proofing the room and wondering what other projects I can turn to.

One of my other projects is art. A few weeks back I mentioned that I needed to master "art photography." Well, that was perhaps not the best choice of words, because I was not referring to artistic photography and such, but rather to the tedious and mundane task of photographing two-dimensional visual art -- namely, paintings and drawings.

I have yet to master this sort of "art photography," but I have mastered putting a few smaller pieces on the scanner and digitizing them in that manner. So here is a little foretaste of what's (hopefully) to come:

This one is called 'lifeform,' as is the one below:

Both can also be seen on my "orchid farmer" site, under art.

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