Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Search term news: curious things people are really looking for -- that lead here

This is a little post topic generating trick I learned from Human Oddities and Mishaps. Look at a listing of search terms that generated hits on your blog on one of your counters, and dig all the crazy things that actually link to you!

Now, most search engine hits I get are for you-know-what -- that-which-should-not-be-named. Hungry people, please, please, please click on the ads and keep the capitalist dream alive!

But lately I seem to have hit a veritable jackpot of noteworthy search terms:

"philosophy anarchy freedom peace"

Hmmm. It's hard to imagine all four of these in one sentence.

"redneck word of the day"

Ok, we know what that's all about.

"pet worms"

Which reminds me, I haven't checked on those worms in a while ...


Dudes! It's almost kilt season!

"why did the mariner kill the bird albatross"

Ok kid, I'm not helping you with your homework. And if I did know anything about the crime, I'm not squealing.

"hominy plant picture"

tee-hee. Poor sap.

This one is the best:

"how do you get rid of bats in the attic need a ball park figure"

I wonder if they found anything useful? Have I ever posted about bats?!?

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