Saturday, March 12, 2005

On orchid farming and other matters ...

Hello fellow blogonauts; I hope you've had an entertaining week. I've been busy, as usual, in the diamond mine, but today I found some time to add a little life to another personal website I maintain.

A new article on the care of orchids will greet visitors to the main orchid page of my 'orchid farmer' site. Here is an excerpt:
"I grow orchids. This is a hobby that I took up seriously in the year 2000. Since then my modest collection has grown to eleven plants. I never grew up on a farm, but I was born into a family where outdoor gardening - for food and ornament - was a very important part of life. Living in New York City without outdoor growing space at my disposal, it became important for me to adapt this lifeway to my new habitat. This part of the 'orchid farmer' site serves to document and share the produce of my efforts in a humble way. ..."
To read on, visit the orchid farmer site here. While I was at it, I added some other photos and generally tidied up the site, thanks to the new version of Amaya I just downloaded. The site is not solely about orchids, but more about a state of mind, as befits a page created by an erstwhile philosopher.

And here, speaking of philosophy, shall be this week's quote:
"Philosophy is a walk on slippery rocks."

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