Thursday, January 27, 2005

A little site news

Two small items:

1. Hominy grits has evolved into a flippery fish! We are moving on up!

2. A note on the images on this site. My most recent post features a glorious photo of an albatross, courtesy of the wikipedia. This jpeg image is somewhat large, and extends beyond the boundaries of the column which contains the blog posts.

The effect on my browser (Mozilla 1.7.5) is wonderful, and tidy. The large image neatly dovetails beneath the adjacent side-bar boxes, creating a nice layered effect. The alignment of the columns is not affected, preserving the neat organization of the site.

I recently became aware that you might not be seeing this. When I was at my parents over the holidays, I was dismayed to find that my father's browser (some version of Internet Explorer) wreaked havoc on my site. The overlarge images displaced the sidebar, pushing it down and generally messing up the graphic balance of the site. I hope this isn't happening to you, and if it is, I apologize. I also urge you to ditch Internet Explorer and get Firefox, or Mozilla.

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