Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Another issue of Orson's cyber-culture gazette (a.k.a. Search Term News)

Orson has not quite gone into hibernation yet, although he's seriously considering it today, as the mercury in Brooklyn and Long Island never quite climbed above freezing. Instead he's been enjoying fruitcake with hot toddies and checking out all the strange search terms that lead to this humble little blog. Here's his report:

I'm glad to see that Google has finally gotten caught up with their indexing. As google adds the varied text found on this site to their databases (I guess that's how it works), interesting search results are sure to follow. Try some of these on for size:

'Brooklyn Weather Report'

I can answer that quickly: it's cold today. Don't go outside without your coat of (plush) fur.


Ah, an interesting one. It leads here because of John's kilt post of some months back. And if you want a bear's opinion, he looks just smashing in a kilt.

'squirrels wearing kilts'

What were they possibly looking for? That one I'd like to see. (But, I guess if a bear can wear a wizard's robe, then why not?)

'chrysalidocarpus lutescens ok for pets'

This can answered quickly as well: NO, chrysalidocarpus lutescens not ok for pets! Bad dog! Bad, bad dog!

'glasses held on with eyebrow piercings'


'slang word for grits'

hmmm. If anyone finds this word, let me know.

'libertarian philosophy blog'

I hope the seeker read John's fabulous forays into political philosophy.

and finally,

'Was Charles Darwin Wrong?'

Of course, the wise bears among us know the answer to that already. The unwise are urged to read the post on that topic.

Ok, back to the fruitcake and toddy and then I think I'll take a nap ... ~~Orson