Monday, November 08, 2004

A weekend for reflection ...

Liberals in the blogosphere are still digesting the events of last week. I think ultimately we'll arise from these ashes wiser and more determined than ever. Jen over at slowpokeblog makes some good points today. We're all just about sick to death of the "values" and "moral issues" rhetoric. It's funny how the right accuse the mainstream media of being so left, when it has seemed clear to me for a long time that they are on whole completely at the beck and call of the right.

Talk of spin, disinformation and hypocrisy is important, but I think I'm going to take a slightly different angle. Personally, I feel the need to think carefully about what constitutes my political philosophy, so to better meet conservatives in debate, online and elsewhere. Of course, if this involves catching my opponents in the web of their own logical inconsistencies (hypocrisy? outright lies?), all the better.

The Democrats might also wish to do some soul-searching, since the party has clearly drifted out to space in recent times. With our present escalation of the war in Iraq, I think we're in for some interesting (and distressing) times ahead.

By the way, this Thursday is Veteran's Day. I wonder: will we properly care for the men and women who make it back from Iraq alive, or will they end up homeless and bitter like so many veterans who've gone before them?

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