Sunday, November 28, 2004

Post-tryptophan overload word of the day

I hope everyone out there had a wonderful turkey-day. Now that we've inaugurated the season of over-indulgence, I thought I'd start us off with a little vocabulary expansion.

Today's word, chosen more or less at random from the Merriam-Webster:

Planck's constant, noun. Named after Max K. E. L. Planck. "a constant that gives the unvarying ratio of the energy of a quantum of radiation to its frequency and that has the approximate value of 6.626 X 10(-34) J*S."

Having little recollection of this part of physics, I won't attempt to explain this. I'm glad, however, that there are some unvarying constants in this crazy world of ours.

If that word doesn't suit you, Sunday's word of the day from was cajole. Your choice.

By the way, hominy grits has now attained slimy mollusc status! Huzzah!

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