Thursday, November 18, 2004

Another issue of: Orson's cyber-culture gazette

Well, it's been a rough week at the diamond mine. Polishing those rocks just wears me out. While I've been slaving away, Orson, that lucky bag of beans, has been idling away the quiet middays catching up on webcomics, rabid neo-cons and other time-wasting distractions. Here's his report:

Have you read your webcomics today? It looks like the Internet has breathed new life into the venerable American tradition of daily and weekly comics. There are quite a few good ones out there. Matt over at greenideas links to quite a few.

A relative newcomer to the scene is Overcompensating, which also got a listing on Blogger's blogs of note. He's not bad -- and nice political commentary (I love the eagle!) but even better for pure entertainment value is orneryboy. I was instantly captivated by this black humored wacko! So much so, that I spent well over an hour reading through his entire opus. This comic is really serial, so it pays to read up on the back story. Blogs really make the perfect vehicle for comics.

On a more political note, there's Slowpoke comics. Creator Jen Sorensen is a pretty unabashed liberal, thank the gods. I love her comments on intolerance. I think she's characterized the current regime quite well. But then, I'm just a stuffed bear; what do I know?

Do comic strips bore you? You wanna see some real life humor? (Well, black humor I guess.) There are a million and one right-wing ranter blogs out there. It's practically a genre all its own. Check out Blogs against Hillary. Don' t these people have better things to do? Now, I don't know if Hillary would make a good president or not (remember, my head's full of stuffing), but I think the only reason these people hate her is because she's a strong woman who tried (very unsuccessfully) to do something to fix our worthless healthcare system. And, well, she's right: Electing George Bush will mean a loss of freedoms. Duh. Even a plush toy knows that.
Ok, Orson, I need the computer back. Gotta do my homework. (Oh, and by the way: I think Orson has a crush on the philosofairy.)


Gritsforbreakfast said...

Thanks for the links, John. Your post on comics pointed me to some fun new stuff.

John said...

You're most welcome!

indiejade said...

Orson, that "lucky bag of beans". . . he's able to idle the week away, while people like you and me have to put in a full day's worth of hard work, polishing diamonds and pulling stray teeth. Ugh. :)

John said...

Yes indeedy. Sometimes life is just not fair.