Saturday, October 23, 2004

Now for the political part ...

If you've come here looking for breakfast food, and don't care for anymore politicking, best leave now.

I've been pretty mum on the subject of politics. It's not my favorite thing. But I would fail to do my civic duty if I didn't put in my plug for the best candidate for the Presidency of the United States.

Yes, the political system in this nation is rather flawed. The President probably has limited ability to dramatically affect things like the economy. The two-party system means that we are often forced to choose between a lesser of two evils.

That said, there are still profound philosophical differences between Bush and Kerry, especially in the area of foreign policy.

The days should be long past when one nation-state (superpower or not) can act unilaterally on matters that affect everyone on the planet. Bush has clearly articulated his unilateralist approach, royally pissed off many of our allies, gotten us into an unwinnable war over oil and has in general not demonstrated the qualities of a statesman or visionary.

Kerry has stated his support for a multilateralist approach. He is experienced in Washington. He is level-headed and intelligent. This is the kind of man that should be President of the United States.

I doubt Kerry will be able to live up to the expectations many on the left have for him. But he's still a better choice than Bush.

Think carefully before you cast your vote (you will vote, won't you?), especially if you live in a swing-state.

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