Monday, August 30, 2004

My new furry friend

Remember when I mentioned I heard something astir in my kitchen earlier this summer?

Well, all was quiet for many weeks, but when I came home last week from a lovely vacation on Fire Island, I discovered I now have a roommate.

The first time it was only a gray blur. The second time, I got a distinct view of tiny feet and a long tail vanishing behind the stove.

I discovered that my little padfoot was helping him(her?)-self to some rice in a plastic bag I had so unwisely left on the counter. (Housekeeping is not my favorite activity.)

Once I removed that motherlode of rodent welfare, my friend has been more scarce. I'm sure he's not gone far. I've taken to talking to him. I guess this means I need a new pet. Or I need to get out more.

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