Monday, May 24, 2004

Traffic report (the latest search term news)

Apologies to all my faithful readers for my inattention to this charming little blog. I've been quite busy. I wasn't even planning to blog tonight (I have an important meeting tomorrow to prepare for), but I just couldn't resist a peak at the latest traffic report.

Expecting to only see more grits splattered all across the interstate, I came across this truly unique search term instead:

"moths england quakers hairy"

'What,' I wondered, 'could they possibly be seeking? Hairy Quakers living in England who have some predilection for moths?'

In order to answer this pressing question, I ran the search myself, and found the most beautiful website on the moths of England. These moths are called owlets or Noctuids, and a few of them are incidentally known as "Quakers."

Fascinating. No, really!

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