Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Live, from Metropolis, it's ...

not Saturday night, but only me, and I'm in an uncommonly good mood, despite having next to no time to blog and despite the fact that everyone in the world hates America. Who wouldn't?

But never mind! The chimney swifts have indeed made it up to Gotham and I'm glad to have them back. I survived last week's business trip to the nation's capital (a beautiful city, despite the total wanks that run the place), and I'm glad to be back in New York.

May is busting out all over here. There is nature in the city, although you have to look for it sometimes.

I've been thinking a little (just a little) about the purpose of this blog. A blog's got to have a purpose, don't you think? My stated purpose is experience. In particular, experience of life, nature, city and the blogosphere. This is what I wrote some time ago. So the idea is I have experiences (who doesn't?), then I write about them. Simple, eh? Well, maybe not.

Lately I've had no experience of the blogosphere. That's right. I haven't keeping up with my blogs of note, or any others for that matter. I've dropped some natural history tidbits, but frankly, I haven't been out much at all. Work, work, work is what I do, and since I have a sort of unofficial policy of not discussing work on the blog, it leaves me with little else to write about. (The coal mine is run by the CIA, you see.)

Well, that's not entirely true. I have little experiences every day! So what's my issue?

One of my issues is that I've lately been engrossed in my visual art projects. That should and will be a discussion for future posts. For now, I'll thank my loyal audience (whoever he/she/it is) and sign off on a hot night in May ... (I feel beach fever coming at me ...)

PS: Blogger changed their front-end. A little disconcerting. Those techies love to fiddle with things, don't they?

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