Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Annals of junkmail

I'm on a roll here.

"Dear Friend:

"There are a number of questions that every family must have the answers to. That's why Pinelawn Memorial Park wants you to have the information you need right now to provide your family with total protection and peace of mind. Our family planning booklet, "Let's Face It Now" will give you specific instructions regarding:

Memorial Property
Social Security Benefits
Veterans Benefits & More!

These, and other related issues, are explained in our easy-to-follow booklet and it's yours absolutely Free!

You'll also learn how by planning ahead, you can arrange for memorial property before need and avoid the confusion and distress that comes with a decision made in haste.

I know this valuable booklet, which has already helped thousands of families, will provide you and your family peace of mind that can be gained in no other way. That's why I'll personally see to it that you'll receive a free copy as soon as you return the enclosed postage-paid reply card.

Stephen D. Locke,
Pinelawn Memorial Park & Garden Mausoleums"

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