Thursday, April 29, 2004

Weather report (spring flings and other fashion trends)

May Day rapidly approaches and the weather couldn't be better. Too bad I seem to have no time to enjoy it.

No Pants Day also approaches. Will you dare to leave the house without pants? Apparently this event originating from Austin, Texas was voted best local holiday last year by the Austin Chronicle.

Speaking of no pants, anyone care to sound off on the concept of "Male unbifurcated garments?"

Allow me to explain. A couple of weeks ago, I was riding the D train over the Manhattan Bridge when I noticed a guy wearing some sort of kilt, but not the traditional sort seen on bagpipe players. (They always have lots of bagpipes at graduation at the purple fungus; I don't know why.)

I later discovered this unusual fashion statement to be a Utilikilt. I further googled and was fascinated to discover that there appears to be a burgeoning subculture centered around men wearing unbifurcated clothes -- that is, kilts, skirts, sarongs, etc. gives a rather detailed explication of the philosophy of men in kilts.

So here is a chance for a new poll question:

If you are a man, would you wear -- in public -- a kilt or other unbifurcated garment? If you are a woman, would you want to see your man (or any man) in a kilt?

By the way, Beta-blogger over at Jalan-Jalan has made kind mention of me recently. I'm doing very well, despite overwork (an American pastime), thank you very much! Perhaps beta, as an ex-pat Malaysian, could give us the Southeast Asian perspective on unbifurcated garments for men?

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