Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Weather report (and other extremely pertinent news ... well, not really)

After being robbed of an hour over the weekend, Monday morning hit me like the proverbial 'ton of bricks' and I'm still out of breath. Adding to the insult, the temperatures in these parts dipped to freezing Sunday night and we've had cool and breezy days ever since.

The sun is shining, though! The high winds blew out the remnants of our cloud cover, in forms of altocumulus, altostratus, or possibly cirrostratus. All was clear and twinkling by dusk. Today promises moderately warmer temperatures, but it's still a long ways from spring.

So far, the white deer are losing 2 to zip. Since the original Times article is no longer available gratis online, I feel I should add a few more details to flesh out the picture a bit: The abandoned army depot is in upstate New York, in a rural district in need of some economic uplift. This is a case of the Federal government closing an installation and turning the land over to the local government to do what they will with it. The Feds certainly aren't going to spend one more red cent on this thing. Some locals want to start an ecotourism venture with the deer as the central attraction, and thereby preserve the undeveloped condition of most of the 10,000 acres. Other options include parceling out the land to private concerns for industrial, commercial or (maybe?) residential uses.

While I'm skeptical of making these deer the center of an ecotourism venture, I'm sympathetic with the idea of preserving the woodlands as they are. So there you have it. Anyone else care to weigh in? Please do so on the original post.

As for my first poll, Mick, the Tyke from Yorkshire, has chimed in from across the bounding main (yes, I am going to resist calling it the 'pond') very much in the same spirit as HR Lady. It makes me wonder if my choice of poll question wasn't, um, sufficiently prudent. (ahem.) But it's all in the spirit of good clean fun, eh? If you wonder what in blue blazes I'm talking about, check it out and add your two cents,or better yet, two bit. (Or should that be two bits? Dunno.)

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