Wednesday, April 21, 2004

This and that (the latest news)

I was shocked by how fast a week went by without my noticing it. What with working so hard in the coal mine (and organizing a special event therein), plus looking for a new coal mine in which to labor -- I have totally gotten out of the blog loop. I am now so far behind on the few blogs I try to read faithfully, I don't know when I'll catch up!

Today, I logged into my blogpatrol thingie, hoping to see some nice juicy weird search results (a la Human Mishaps) that lead to my site. But no. Everyone wants to know about that foodstuff I've so cleverly named this site after. It still really amazes me how high this site ranks when you're looking for that now unmentionable breakfast staple from old dixie.

I am still ranked number one on the Yahoo search engine and number two on Google for you-know-what. Alas, I don't know if any of those hungry folks actually bother to stick around to read any of the other stuff ...

By the way, speaking of you-know-what, did you know it all started with the Native Americans? We stole their land and then we stole their food! (Or maybe it was the other way around.)

William Bartram has these interesting words to share about Red Indian cuisine, circa 1774:

"I have seen above an hundred bushels of these nuts [shell-bark hickory] belonging to one family. They pound them to pieces, and then cast them into boiling water, which, after passing through fine strainers, preserves the most oily part of the liquid: this they call by a name which signifies hiccory milk; it is as sweet and rich as fresh cream, and is an ingredient in most of their cookery, especially homony and corn cakes."

Elsewhere he relates the use of Live-Oak acorns in the same manner, "in the cooking of hommony, rice, &c. ..."

Clearly the spelling had not become standardized at that early date.

I did get a few different search terms, although not nearly as colorful as goiters and such. Apparently 'Bfor real' somehow leads here. Can't figure that. Unless I'm for real.

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