Friday, April 02, 2004

On another note ...

Well, I went blog crazy a few days ago and needed a full 48 hours to recover. Now the weekend is here and I'm wondering what's next? Just what does this blog stand for? What theme is slowly but surely emerging from the dark recesses of my overworked and underpaid brain?

I imagine I will continue, sporadically, my weather reports and cloud watches. These add a little much needed verisimilitude to the barren landscape of cyberspace. (By the way, things have been pretty grim in the weather department. Rain, rain, clouds and more rain. Stratus, nimbostratus and maybe today I saw some stratocumulus! But very little blue sky.)

In the expeditionary vein, I'm planning a write-up of my recent inter-urban expedition: New York to Philly. That'll be coming soon. You'll also be hearing more from the cicadas soon.

And then there is the idea of interactivity. Two days ago, I started a poll. I know, it's a pretty lame poll, as far as polls go, but why not give it a look, and demonstrate your extreme sense of the creative by blessing me with a COMMENT. That's all I'm looking for. Many thanks to HR Lady for the being the first to respond. Her man is a briefs or NOTHING kind of guy!

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