Wednesday, April 21, 2004

By special request (signs of spring)

Well, work has been so all consuming, and the weather so nice, that this blog just had to take a back seat for a few days. But I haven't returned empty-handed!

As I remarked last week, spring has finally surged onto the urban scene, and the surge continues! While the pears have began to lose their ephemeral prime, I managed to get a few shots of them and some of the other flowering trees in the neighborhood.
Ornamental pears lining the avenues of gotham. First the flowers, like confetti suspended in air, emerge -- then the leaves.

    I mentioned the forsythia some weeks ago -- often first to flower. Here's one hanging on well into April.

Crabapples (pictured) and cherries make the second wave, just commencing.

Here's one of my personal favorites. An Amelanchier -- Called the 'shadbush' hereabouts because its blooming often coincides with the migration of a fish called the shad up the Hudson river. This beauty grows some twelve feet tall in front of a house that is presently derelict. I worry what will become of it when the house is eventually refurbished.

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