Friday, March 19, 2004

Why hominy grits?

I've been avoiding dealing with this question for a while now. I guess it's high time to address it. Why hominy grits, you ask? Well, no good reason, except I like them, and I needed a catchy title for my blog. Under the category of "Hillbilly Victuals," canyouhearmenow posted a pretty good overview of this mysterious foodstuff.

It all started last Summer when I discovered that a local diner, The Grand Canyon up on Seventh Avenue, was serving grits. I began to ponder just what this fond memory from my childhood was made of. Hominy was on the brain when I started this blog, and the rest is history.

And yes, they do have grits in Ohio. Whole hominy even. yum-yum. Of course, it helps having parents from West Virginia. There's the hillbilly connection ...

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