Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Smashing the machine, one blog at a time.

Last week I happened upon the Globe of Blogs, which enables the blogonaut to list his or her blog and place it in geographical and topical categories. As I was browsing through the possible topic categories, I happened upon the category (under Lifestyle Choices and Subcultures) of "Luddism." Luddism, as I understand it, is the "ism" derived from the position of people called Luddites, who are anti-technology and against technological change.

So, of course, I thought, this has to be good. Another chance to observe that mysterious species Homo sapiens embrace two or more mutually contradictory beliefs and/or activities at the same time! Here is a peek at the four bloggers who have self-categorized themselves as "Luddites."

Actually it's sort of anti-climactic. The first blog so listed is Beezlebastard. I detect nothing remotely Luddite-like about this site. He/she/it hasn't updated it since October 21. Maybe Beezlebastard through his computer out the window.

The second site so listed is The Hanged Man. I like the concept. This is the merest "stub" of a blog. He's working on it, though. Good to know that he didn't throw his computer out the window.

Then we have Jalan-Jalan, the site of an "ex-pat Malaysian" in London (I think he/she is in London). Pretty interesting site, but appears clueless about Luddism. I didn't read all that far back though. (So LEAVE A COMMENT, for God's sake, and tell me I'm wrong!)

Fourth and last is Long Passage.

Don't see anything all that Luddite here, but this blogonaut does appear to be the kind of person that would smash a machine if given the chance. As a complete non-sequitur, allow me to relay that he reports this odd little tidbit of trivia:

"Fancy that : Dildo sales are prohibited in Texas. Apparently something to do with Texas Penal Code chapter 43 (public indecency) under the subchapter for obscenity."

So much for true-blue Luddites on the web. Not that I really expected to find any. I've been known to be technologically ambivalent myself, from time to time (I do hang out with Quakers, after all), and I even know a few serious, die-hard Luddites. My old dissertation advisor has a computer -- still in the box it was shipped in 4 years ago! He got it from the University, but hasn't made any attempt to actually use it.

I think I'll spare this Windoze piece of junk and take my latent Luddism out on one of those Hummers cruising about the neighborhood ...

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