Sunday, March 28, 2004

Is Bush promoting discrimination against gay and lesbian federal employees?

A very good friend of mine has the dubious pleasure of working for the Federal government. Lately this item has been making the rounds among gay and lesbian civil servants ...

"The Bush administration has taken steps to make it easier to fire a Federal
employee on the basis of their sexual orientation. Since 1980, it has been
official Federal policy to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual

"However, the new head of the Office of Special Counsel, Scott Bloch,
recently ordered the removal of sexual orientation as a protected category
on the office's website as well as its removal from all training materials
from his office. He then announced that he was initiating a review of the
legal underpinnings of the long standing policy while calling on his staff
to catch up on the large backlog of other discrimination complaints not yet
investigated by his office.

"This roll back not only contradicts campaign promises by then candidate
Bush, but promises made during the confirmation hearings by Bloch himself."

Read more about it here.

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