Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Blogs of note

Being a solipsistic blog on blogs worth blogging about (or not).

You'll notice that I have a little blogs of note section on my sidebar. Currently it lists 10 blogs I've run across and thought were significant enough to go to the trouble of crawling through my code to link.

Now, I fully realize I could get Blogrolling, and automate the process, but I'm not sure I want to. I've seen some blogs with upwards of one hundred items on the blogroll. That seems like gratuitous overkill to me. How can anyone keep up with 100 blogs? While I'm still pondering the possibility of a blogroll, for now at least, I'm going to stick to a short list of 10, 12 (maybe 15) hand-coded worthies.

Ok, enough with preliminaries. I want to say a little bit about each of the ten weblogs I've noted. These have all been personally and lovingly inspected by yours truly.

First, of course, is Napalm News. Why 'of course?' Because they are the only blog that links back to me! I gotta love them for that reason alone. This crowd of Princeton inebriates also happens to be a crack team of news hounds, aspiring to beat Drudge at their (his? its?) own game. Pretty awesome, huh?

Then there is the WetAss Chronicles. Yes, WET-ASS. No, this isn't a porn site. It's a site that chronicles adventures and adventurers of the most insane kind. Quite inspiring and a fun read. I even sent fan mail to this guy.

Ok, better hurry up. This is getting long ... Anna's Bloviations is more of your traditional personal web journal sort of thing. No pretensions here, just a civil servant in Boston bitching about stuff. Nice change of pace.

Next I've got Easterblogg, the blog of New Republic columnist Gregg Easterbrook. I quoted some of his ideas on my blog, and he's a pretty good writer, so there he is, on the list.

Pepys' Diary is one of the best uses of a weblog I've seen so far -- it's reality TV seventeenth century style. Check it out!

[Oh God, only half-way through the list..!]

Next we have the People's Republic of Seabrook, the writings of a stark-raving mad liberal from Texas. Gotta love him! Great source for humorous stuff. After that is Human Oddities and Mishaps, another one of those personal web-journal sort of things, only weirder.

Finally we're nearing the home stretch! just a second more light features the stream of consciousness musings and poetry of a young man across the pond (I mean he's in England). This guy has some talent! I hope we'll be seeing more of him in the future. Sticking with the Anglo theme, next I have the London Underground Tube Diary -- obviously the subway experience is universal. I just died laughing as I read this author's humorous accounts of the mass transit routine.

Finally, there's the s-train canvass, an other liberal (even socialist!) blog, but with a totally different feel.

There you have it. These aren't necessarily the best blogs out there, just the ones I've noticed lately. Of course there are others. I could list Dean's World, but chances are he'll pop up on the blogsnob ad anyway.

So stayed tuned for more blogs of note!

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