Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Life in a box

I've had in mind for some days a little account of urban living for those of you out in blog-land who may not be familiar with this particular form of existing.

I live in New York City, the epitome of urban living in America (and for the not-so-modest New Yorker, the center of the Universe). I inhabit a box. This box is approximately 13 or 14 feet cubed, all the space considered, which comes out to about 2700 cubic feet.

My box adjoins other boxes on all sides but one. Below is a storefront, to the north is an identical box inhabited by a crazy social studies teacher, to the east are two lesbians (I think), above are some loud football fans and south is the terra incognita of another collection of boxes commonly known as a "building." My west edge faces the outside -- or the street, if that can really be considered outside.

Now, this may sound dreadful to some of you. Actually, one grows accustomed to such accomodations unless or until one accumulates too much extraneous stuff. 2700 cubic is actually quite a lot of space!

There is also energy efficiency to consider. Since I have only one wall to the outside, if all my neighbors turn up their heat, I don't have to! (I have the anomalous -- for New York -- situation of having total control of my heating. That is another longish story.)

Unfortunately the shopkeepers downstairs don't stay 24/7, so they don't crank the heat. I wish they would.

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